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Children’s Dentistry

Children should enjoy visiting the dentist! Here at Waterloo Dental, we make sure that that happens!

When they are four (4) years of age, your child should visit us! Their first visit to the dentist is a memorable life event and we want the entire family to have great memories. We introduce your child to the sights and sounds that they will encounter at the dentist and create a positive experience that they will love returning to.

We believe that good habits begun early can save your child a lifetime of dental treatment. We educate your child on the importance of regular brushing and a healthy, balanced diet. We encourage you as a family to make oral health a household habit so that your child grows up with a healthy set of teeth and a beautiful smile.

Dr Shehata and the team at Waterloo Dental strongly believe the prevention, and early recognition of disease is vital for children! We are experienced in paediatric dentistry and enjoy meeting you and your beautiful children!

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