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Terms & Conditions

Privacy of Information

We do not source, share or sell any of the medical records of our patient to any third party. All patient data is kept on-site and is secure.

Under federal law, we are obligated to maintain your medical records for a duration of 7 years after they are lost.

Transfer of Records
Please contact us if you switch dental practices or need to see a specialist, and we will give your dental history to your nominated dentist, including any x-rays.
New Patient Deposit Policy

To guarantee their appointment, all our new patients are expected to make a advance booking deposit. This sum can be used at the end of care against your account or if your insurance fund fully covers the expense, we will refund it to you. Please note that the deposit can only be refunded back to the credit card from which it was withdrawn, so please make sure that this card is available on appointment.

We respect the time you spend with us and want to ensure the time is clearly set aside for your requirements.

For other patients who may be in pain or distress, we have the booking deposit to restrict the loss of time and appointments.

Cancellation Policy
We require 48 hours’ notice to cancel an appointment, we also have patients wanting to be seen on standby or in pain, so we ask that when you call to cancel or re-schedule you remember this. If you make time to see us and do not show up for the appointment, to obtain the next appointment you make, we will need a advance booking deposit.

Account payment is solely payable when you go, meaning we expect you to make payment on that day if you receive care on that day.

Procedures that are carried out over two or three appointments may occur. In such cases, compensation can be split up to be compensated over the duration of care. The Dentist and/or Practice Manager must coordinate this.


For general information only this website is given. We strives to be reliable and up-to-date with the content, but does not take any liability for errors or omissions. The material can be changed without warning at any time by us.

This website is intended for knowledge provision and is for educational purposes only. Through your use of this platform, no dentist to patient relationship is created. We do not provide this website with any medication or diagnosis. This web site is not intended to provide anyone with detailed dental advice. In consultation with a dentist of your choosing, details given on this site can be used. We will do our best to provide you with information that will help you make your own choices about healthcare; however there are no assurances or guarantees about any of the information found on this website.