White fillings are used to repair holes in teeth. There are many considerations that go into choosing whether a white filling is suitable for your specific needs or not. Dr Shehata will discuss these with you and whether there are alternative solutions (for example porcelain crowns) that will provide a better result.

White fillings are bonded to teeth to fill in the holes. This procedure is technically demanding, and meticulous care is needed to ensure it is done properly. There are many challenges to “bonding” effectively in the environment that is your mouth; you have moving objects such as the tongue, quite a significant flow of saliva, and a human being attached to that tooth!

Imagine painting a wall that is moving, get’s sprayed with a hose every so often, and honestly, doesn’t really want to be painted in the first place!

Here at Waterloo Dental, we make sure that your white filling is performed perfectly each and every time! Much effort goes into managing those challenges that can affect how well a filling is bonded to your tooth (or how well you paint that wall!) so that we can guarantee, provided you look after it, your fillings can last you for years and years to come. We haven’t even begun to mention the attention to detail when sculpting the material into natural looking, natural feeling teeth. It’s called biomimetic dentistry, and actually, we love it!

Come in and see why we do dentistry better here at Waterloo Dental.