At Waterloo Dental, our philosophy, which guides our every thought and action, is simple:

In Nature’s Blueprints

Firstly, this means we strive to preserve your natural teeth for life.

Secondly, this means that when treatment is required, it is performed to mimic the beauty and function of natural teeth, whilst conserving as much natural tooth structure as possible.

From prevention to advanced restoration, at Waterloo Dental we always care for you in nature’s blueprints.

Our values:

Highest Standard of Care

The knowledge, passion and integrity to perform every procedure on every person at the highest standard. Our professionals don’t take short-cuts. Ever. We are passionate about the art and science of Dentistry and take pride in our work.

Uncompromising Quality

Waterloo Dental houses the most advanced, cutting edge technology and we only use materials of the highest quality, manufactured in Japan, Germany, Sweden or the USA. No compromises.

Exceptionally Affordable

Waterloo Dental makes exceptional dental care affordable. We believe healthcare should always be performed to the highest standard and quality. We do not believe it is an optional extra you need to pay for. Waterloo Dental offers the highest standards of care at affordable prices. Here are our promotions and an indication of our fees.

Service & Comfort

Walking into Waterloo Dental feels like stepping into a spa. Gentle music, aromatherapy and a private massage lounge are all for your comfort. From your first phone call, to the follow up calls you receive after treatment, your service is our pleasure.